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Design Teams

Accent Décor Education Director

Teleflora Educational Specialist Team Member

Freelance Floral Designer and Educator


American Institute of Floral Designers

  • AIFD Certified Floral Designer

  • AIFD Certified Judge and Evaluator

  • AIFD 2019 Symposium Chairperson 

  • AIFD President 2015-2016

  • AIFD Certified Evaluator/JudgeMembership Chairperson

  • Past AIFD Certified Floral Designer Committee Developer

  • Past AIFD Education Chairperson

  • Past AIFD Membership Chairperson

Professional Floral Communicators International

  • Past Trustee Chairperson

American Academy of Floriculture

Arizona Master Florist


Oct 1992Phil Rulloda Advanced School of Floral Design Phoenix, AZ

Oct 1987Phil Rulloda Advanced School of Floral Design Tucson, AZ

1975-1976Floriculture Program, Kirkwood Community College Cedar Rapids, IA

Industry Awards

•PFCI Tommy Bright Award Recipient 2014

•SAF Sylvia Cup Competition Winner 2013

•Arizona State Florists’ Association Lifetime Member 2001

•Arizona State Florists’ Association Hall of Fame1999

•Arizona State President’s Industry Dedication Award1995

•FTD Mum’s the Word Finalist 1995

•FTD District 8-K Designer of the Year 1992

•FTD District 8-K Peoples Choice Winner 1992

•Teleflora Design America National Finalist 1992

•Arizona State Designer of the Year 1991

•California Top Ten Finalist 1988

Industry Publication Features

•Flowers & magazine

BloomworldLeaf magazine

•Teleflora Education Center Instructor

•Teleflora Selection Guide

•Syndicate Sales Catalog

•John Henry Catalog

•John Henry Prom & Homecoming Flowers 2

•The Knot Wedding Publication

•John Henry Wedding Collection

•John Henry Sympathy Collection

•John Henry Wedding Collection

•Flowers & Magazine

•Ensinka Japanese News

•Teleflora Wedding Selection Guide

•Martha Stewart Weddings

•Florist Magazine

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